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Why Host on Land2Hunt?

Whatever your financial goals, hosting on Land2Hunt offers a unique way to meet them, whether its saving for home upgrades, covering expenses for personal hobby, a college savings fund or just setting money aside for vacation, there’s comfort in securing a new stream of income for whatever it is that you and your family need most!

Who Can Host on Land2Hunt?

Whether your a landowner, farm and ranch, lesee or outfitter – our daily lease platform provides a fast, convienent and secure means to market your specific properties wildlifeand habitat, during select periods that you choose, through daily hunt access. 


–Providing free land host registration with unlimited listings

–Easily navigate, manage, and edit listings, correspond to booking request messages, as well as accept bookings through either computer or smartphone.

–Multiple payment options including Paypal and Direct Deposit providing no hassle payment transition to Land Host bank account.

–Complimentary $1M/$2M aggregate additionally insured liability coverage to landowner during periods of booked occupancy (notice of confirmation as additionally insured will be received 2-4 weeks post listing review & acceptance)


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