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she is a goal setter She Is A Goal Setter Learn More My Greatest Passion is Helping Others Achieve Their Goals.

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A small-town stay at home mother of three with a thirst for knowledge, I re-entered the business world in 2001 and became a top producing real estate agent. I acquired my Brokers license in 2005 and led a team of high sales real estate agents, only to be whipped out in the market crash. I lost all my investment properties, closed my business, and ended an 18 yr marriage. I was then hit with health issues. I set all else aside and focused on my health and lost 150 pounds. I now own and operate a Real Estate Brokerage. I have been a sales coach, leader, and speaker for almost 20 years. My greatest passion is helping others achieve their goals.

she is a goal setter

Wendy Shields

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“My Greatest Passion is Helping Others Achieve Their Goals.”

–Wendy Shields

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